15 February 2017

Princely Wedding at Waal Castle

In bright sunshine, Prince Wolfram von der Leyen and Countess Janina of Schönborn-Wiesentheid from Monaco were given a married on 11.20.2017 in the presence of numerous honorary guests at the registry office in Waal. Prince Wolfram is the oldest of the four children of the Family von der Leyen.

The mother of Countess Janina is from Monaco, her father comes from Wiesentheid near Würzburg. The great-grandmothers of the young couple were sisters. As a result of this family relationship, Countess Janina came to  Waal Castle at the age of 17 to learn the German language.
On this occasion the young couple also got to know each other. The religious wedding takes place on the 24th of June in the Cathedral of Monaco.

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