25 September 2016

Wedding in the House of Waldburg-Wolfegg

Noble Wedding in the Abbey Church Eberndorf

Anna Treppo from  Sonnegg Castle  and Count Ferdinand of Waldburg zu Wolfegg and Waldsee tioed on  on Saturday 24.09. the knot in the Collegiate Church in Eberndorf .
The clouple got to know each both two years ago at a wedding in Lower Austria. "It has sparked immediately," says Anna Treppo, daughter of Peter and Britta Treppo, nee Countess of Orsini and Rosenberg.
Anna Treppo is rooted in Lower Carinthi and has already visited with her grandmother Mass in the Collegiate Church. The honeymoon spends the newly married newlyweds "on an island in the sea". After ther Wedding they will live in Kissleg Castle in the Allägau whoch belongs to the grooms Family. 
Celebrant of the wedding were Provisor Janez Tratar and Father Richard Pühringer. Musical accompaniment was the marriage of Thomas zdravja, head of the group Jagdhornbläser Peca and from Heimatklang Bach from Neuhaus. At the organ played Ruth McGuire.
As well-wishers, the former "Bunte" columnist Marie Waldburg stood beside some 200 guests from Germany, Austria, South Africa and Sweden and Johannes Fürst von Orsini and Rosenberg

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