04 September 2016

Rüdenhausen Castle

The Castle in Rüdenhausen dates back to the year 1258. At that time it belonged to the Family Castel.. Later it was in the posession of different families but in 1533 it came back into the psession of the Counts of Castell. The expanded the Castle and from 1597 it bwecame the residence of the branch Castell-Rüdenhausen. It was further expanded . In the middle of the 19th Century a smaller New Castle as build in a part of the Castle Park which was used as a second Residence. It was demolished in 1973. Now the Old Castle is the residence of the Princely Family. It usually can only be seen from the outside and the Castle Park is closed. One exception is in August at the Kirchweih when the Park is also open fopr the people of Rüdenhausen.

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