14 April 2016

dutch Royal Couple visits Munich

When i heard that KIng Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands would visits Munich on 13. April i decied to make a day trip to Munich on that day. As i only arrived short after 9h a clock i could not go to the Old Pinakothek. I decided to go straight to the Residence to secure a good Place there instead of waiting at the Pinakothek trill they would leave. After arriving in Munich i meet with a friedn and together we went to the Residence where we arrivd shourt after 10h. We then secured a good place but unfotunately after 20 mins we where sent aways top the other side so that the Press could stand there. Luckily i still god a place in the first row. Then the waiting started. The car with the Royal Couple arrived a 11h30. TM then went first to the Max-Hoseph Place and shwoed themself to the people standing there. Then the walked up top the red Carpet lining to the Entrance to the Resieden. They then greeted the people there and haked Hands and the King spoke with some of them in german. They then heard a fw song of the Tölzer Knabenchor before walking tinto the Residence for Dinner. I and my friedn decided to do the same. Afterwards we went to the Viktualienmarkt and after some searching twe fopund the dutch-bavarian Pavillon the Royal Couple would open later. There we waited and after the crowds became bigger the Police put up gates and we had a good few to the Pavillon. Unfotunately it wasn't meant to be as the Press was allowed to stand in the empty place inside to closed off Area which meant that almost nobody of the ordinary people there could see the Royal Couple when they arrvid there. I and my friend then decied not to wait until the Couple wopuild leave and for me it was time to got to my Bus to drive back home.