11 September 2015

† Duchess Donata of Oldenburg

On Saturday 05.09.2015 Duchess Donata of Oldenburg, née Countess zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, widowed Pricness of prussia died after a long seroius Illness at Inzell.
Then Countess Donata was born in June 1950, as the only daughter of Fürst Siegfried and Fürstin Irene zu Castell-Rudenhausen in Rüdenhausen Castle.  where, as she said herself, spent a very happy childhood and carefree youth together with her seven brothers. Just this time the ones who founded her special relationship with Rüdenhausen and its inhabitants was.
With their first participation at the Castle Dance at the dog houses Kirchweih they broke with the former tradition that members of the Princely House were not allowed to move with the dancers at the fair Saturday.
For the inauguration of the new fire station and simultaneous Fahnenweihe of FFW in 1972 of the then Countess Donata was appointed to the post of flags bride and today demonstrates the endowed by their honor band at the flag of the Fire Department of this event. Years later named the Volunteer Fire Rüdenhausen Duchess Donata to "honor flags Bride", a position which she herself filled with great pride.
After school and training as a nurse married Duchess Donata in May 1975 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Peter and Paul  at Rüdenhausen Prince Louis Ferdinand  of Prussia, a grandson of the last German emperor, who was then, as successor to his father, as a future boss of the house Prussia was provided. Not only older males houses remind today like the celebrations of this wedding, this Rüdenhausen brought but at least for a short time in the headlines in the media and increased awareness of males Stockhausen in an extraordinary way.
After her marriage left Duchess Donata Rüdenhausen, their home community was always very close and missed no opportunity to consolidate and expand the connection to Rüdenhausen and its inhabitants. The accidental death of the Prince of Prussia in 1977 changed her life in an unforeseeable way.
Also re-married in Rudenhausen Donata then in 1991 Friedrich August Duke of Oldenburg.
Her love for and thus their interest in Rüdenhausen coined their entire lives. Their almost proverbial hospitality were the males Houses repeatedly experience both in Fischerhude and in Sievershagen citizens and associations, and enjoy. Each dog houses appreciated their friendliness, their restraint and their modesty. Yet in the last few days was their interest to changes in local events and the current beautification measures of their home town, however, already in full awareness of being able to see their home church ever again.
The market town  Rüdenhausen lost with Duchess Donata von Oldenburg lost a great benefactor and "ambassador" for males Stockhausen's awareness at a general public, but especially an extremely popular girlfriend to their particular town and its inhabitants. Especially her family deserve our great sympathy and solidarity.

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