21 August 2015

† Prince Armin zur Lippe

Mourning for Dr. Armin, Prince zur Lippe

Detmold. Dr. Armin, Prince of Lippe, head of the noble house of the same name from Detmold, died on 20 August  at the age of 91 years. He had been the head of the family, whose origins can be traced back to the 12th century, about 65 years.
Armin Leopold Ernst Heinrich Bruno Willa August Prinz zur Lippe, so his full name, was born on 18 August 1924 as a single child of Fürst Leopold IV., and his second wife Anna, a born Princess of Ysenburg and Büdingen, in Detmold.
 After graduation and military service in the Air Force he takes on a science degree at the University of Göttingen, and graduated with a doctorate. When his father dies, Prince Armin 1950 is determined by testament to the head of the house, a task to which he has devoted himself to the very end with devotion - always supported by his wife Dr. Traute Princess of Lippe. The couple had met while studying.
Prince Armin is related about his cousin Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, in 2004 deceased grandfather of the reigning Dutch king Willem-Alexander, the European aristocracy. In addition to managing the family heritage, he always found time for volunteer activities. So the dead is one of the founders of the Society for Art Lippische. At times he also took over the patronage of a mother-child project at Detmold Hospital.
The successor of Prince Armin will be his only son Stephan Prinz zur Lippe, who supported his father for many years in the management of the house. Nationally known this was recently through its commitment to the establishment of a national park in the district of Lippe.
Here you can read the official announcement
In deep sadness we announce the death of Dr. Armin, Prince of Lippe known, who died after a short, serious illness on 20 August 2015 aged 91 years in Detmold in the circle of his family. Dr. Armin, Prince zur Lippe, born in 1924, was the last surviving son of a German ruling prince.
He was a modern man and yet deeply rooted in history. After graduating from the Leopoldinum in Detmold 1941, he was a soldier, but declined aware to be under Hitler officer. After the death of his father Fürst Leopold IV. zur Lippe in 1949 Prince Armin became  at the age of 25 years the head of the house, whose fortunes he has directed since. A doctorate in biology managed the after the revolution in 1918, after Nazi expropriations 1938 remaining assets tradition of the house and led it into the modern age.
His special attention was paid until recently to the preservation and conservation practice care of the ancestral castle in Detmold, which since the 16th century serves as the residence of the family and he has lived here  almost all his life. Dr. Armin, Prince zur Lippe became involved in numerous honorary posts. Among other things, he was co-founder and honorary chairman of the "Lippe Society for Art" and for decades on the board of the association working for the Landestheater Detmold. He opened the ancestral hall of the palace for concerts and maintained a cordial relationship to the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold. A particular concern was him the support of the breeding efforts of the old Lippe horse breed, the Senner horses which is the oldest horse race in Germany.
For his citizenship Prince Armin in 1999 was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit 1st Class. For 62 years he was married with his wife, Princess Traute, née BEcker . His son, Stephan Prinz zur Lippe  succeedes him as head of the family.

Background of the noble family Lippe The origins of the noble family of Lippe go far back. In 1123 the present name is first mentioned by Bernhard de Lippia. The noble Lord Bernhard II. (To 1140-1224) started the country lip territorial ascent.
Among the most important personalities of the noble house include the Renaissance prince Count Simon VI. (1554-1613), who introduced the reformed faith in Lippe and its library forms the basis of today's National Library and the wife of Prince Leopold I, Princess Pauline (1769-1820), who founded the first kindergarten in Germany and its Foundation today children and young people and old people cared.
With the end of the monarchy ended in 1918 and the princely rule claim the house lip. Until his accession in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia in 1947, the country continued to exist as Free State Lippe in the circle of countries Germany. Today's federal state NRW belongs to the former country is now a circular Lippe. The Lippe rose in Landeswappen of NRW is reminiscent of the great history of this small country.


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