16 August 2015

National Day in Liechtenstein 2015

This year i finally decided to make a Visit to Liechtenstein on the occasion of their national Day. Therefore i travelled already a day earlier to the austrian town Feldkirch which is very close to Liechtenstein. There i meet with some friends. Early on the next day we made the short trip to Vaduz and then walked up to the Castle. At hat time there where not many people there and the 2 tents on the Castle lawn where still prepared for the Act of State. But soon busses with people arrived and lots of people came up the hill. Despite this not many of them where standing at the short street from the Castle to the Castle lawn. At around 11h20 finally the procession came out of the Castle. First a Musicchapel followed by woman in the Liechtenstein National Dress. Afterwards the people from the government of Liechtenstein and finally the Princely Family. Unfortunately there where not many of them present like in previous. years. Attending where Fürst Hans Adam II., Fürst Marie, Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie, Prince Joseph Wenzel, Prinz Georg, Prince Nikolaus and the Fürst's brother Prince Nikolaus. Later we also spotted Prince Michael but he was not with the Princely Family in the procession. After the family had arrived the official Act started which speeches by Hereditary Prince Alois and the President of the Parlliemanet. After about an half hour the ceremony was over and the Procession made their way back to the Castle. Afterwars everyone there was invited to an Aperitic in the Rosengarden of the Castle. There drinks, sandwiches and vegetables where offered to everyone. There one could also spot the members of the princely Family talking with the people. Unfortunately at some point it started to rain havenly. We left the then and made our way to hte little town of Vaduz where we visited among others the Catehdral. As the rain did not seem to stop we decided to go back to Feldkirch and not to remain for the fireworks as we had planned. 


Hereditary Prince Alois and Hereditary Princess Sophie

in front Prince Joseph Wenzel, Prince Georg and Prince Nikolaus
behind them their parents Hereditary Prince Alois and
Hereditary Princess Sophie

Fürst Hans Adam II. and Fürstin Marie

Prince Georg and Prince Nikolaus

Prince Joseph Wenzel

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