12 August 2015

Fürst Albrecht zu Castell-Castell celebrates 90th birthday

Big birthday celebration at Castell castle 

Fürst Albrecht celebrates on Thursday with 400 guests a very special birthday.
Because even say a, the "blue bloods" are not of this world: Every evening Fürst Albrecht zu Castell-Castell and his wife Marie-Louise sit opposite each other in the drawing room of her small castle, enjoy a game of Rummikub. With Losing deal, enjoy the victory - both part of the numbers-laying game from Israel. Part of the ritual that revives the relationship, such as the Prince has found. "You have to concentrate, we do something together: That's wonderful."
Who secretly wondering why the man with 400 guests celebrating his 90th birthday on Thursday, is so fit, able to think as clearly: The daily game is a mosaic, climbing the stairs, another ("I avoid elevators"). Most important, however, is the birthday boy "is the active participation in the life in the near home and in the world. Lounging One must not get into the habit. "

Rege correspondence 

Two daily newspapers three weekly newspapers, books, technical papers: Not a day goes by that the prince does not read extensively, he also maintains active correspondence. "I write my letters by hand. For the new media, for Skype with far-flung family, my wife is in charge. "

Without asking God for assistance, the Protestant would not start a day. "Before breakfast is my first reading the slogan for the day of God's Word. And when the morning at seven clock ringing the bells in Castell, I pray the Lord's Prayer. Whether I'm in the bathroom, on my way during breakfast or. In the Our Father all comes off what is important to me. "

32 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren

This is now, 25 years after the handover of all shops to his son Ferdinand, especially the family. All six children are married, to the celebtration in Castell 32 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren are expected. "The last one was just born, three are expected. And the best thing is: all are healthy and happy to come to us. "
Fürst Albrecht of Castell-Castell would be that no unfinished tasks await him, letting go and dispensing have become the defining ideas of his existence. Last step in this direction was to allow for the opening of the forest experience center in Handthal there no longer choose to council. "I am very pleased that I now show that the center of my whole family, you can share with. And can explain the reasons for my commitment on the spot. "

Gerolzhöfer Reiter friends

On the guest list are people from areas for which the prince has long made the commitments, but a personal relationship exists. "So I can continue to experience the relationships." Fürst Albrecht cites the example of the riding club Gerolzhofen, coming from the two men who were with him in 1950 in the foundation case. Expected the rider friends Kurt Mergler from Sulzheim, Olympian in eventing, and Erich Gehring from maid city. "The two are age-closest with me."
While riding through woods and meadows formerly was one of the favorite pastimes of Prince Albrecht, he indulges in 2006 the relatively more mundane football game. "Since the World Cup then I enjoy watching good games on, preferably from FC Bayern. I was even once in the Allianz Arena to experience the atmosphere live. "
About the Würzburger Kickers the honoree know as an attentive reader of this newspaper, although the communication, but cheer is not his thing. "The idea with the stadium in Dettelbach like it. This dovetails nicely Markus Söders initiative of decentralization. In Würzburg so much is needed, the city could cope well. "
In a question the prince has to fit: a favorite joke he can not tell, "I can not remember jokes. And it has happened a few times that I've spanks the Pointe, so I prefer to leave it. "No joke, which is why the prince occasionally already looking forward to the autumn. "Then there is finally the farmer duck, my favorite meat."
On Thursday after having breakfast together the royal family at eleven clock the official hard launch with a thanksgiving service in the Casteller Dean Church. This is followed by a reception at the castle before the guests are asked to eat at the fairground. In the evening the citizens of Castellammare and the districts Greuth and desert Rheinfelden are particularly invited: from 19 clock every Prince can, which likes to personally congratulate on his 90th birthday. Good wishes it could not possibly be enough at his age, he says, smiling. Prince Albrecht is looking forward to the evening, "and eating there is something," he adds.

No losers

Certainly: The Rummikub game with his wife Marie-Louise has to turn out on Thursday evening, August 13, will lose none. For the crowd of well-wishers can Albrecht Fürst zu Castell-Castell So put on his brightest smile - a champion he is with his 90 years and in this Constitution anyway.

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