01 June 2015

† Princess Alexandra of Hannover

Frankfurt mourns Princess Alexandra of Hannover

She was committed volunteer and shaped the city with their use, which will never be forgotten. On Monday morning 01.06.2015 , succumbed Alexandra Princess of Hanover at the age of 77 years of cancer.
She loved her home town and wanted to dominate with their commitment. For 31 years belonged Princess Alexandra of Hanover to the  city council, was for a long period of cultural policy spokeswoman, she founded the St. Catherine Hospice, touched for the Pfennig Bazaar the big drum and made last on the side of her girlfriends, ex-Mayor Petra Roth (CDU ) and the Society Lady Renate von Metzler talked about, when it came to establishing the Frankfurt Spring ball in the palm garden. At the age of 77 years, the CDU member has died of a serious illness and is many Frankfurter leave in sadness.
Thus, about her fellow party member, the Cultural Affairs Felix Semmelroth showed dismayed by the news of his death. "She was a passionate Frankfurterin and a politician who has used equally strong for social policy and cultural policy issues. As a result, it has managed to reverse the apparent opposites of these areas." Semmelroth praises their unprejudiced way: "They represented the cultural traditions as they gave space to the new, unfinished and looked as unconditional task of public support openness and attentiveness unit recorded the personal dealing with her out, she took a lot of people for the Frankfurt Culture and. Many artists themselves. Frankfurt's culture loses a great woman. "
Alexandra Sophie Cecilie Anna Maria Benigna Friederike Dorothea Princess of Ysenburg and Büdingen was born on 23.10.1937 as the second child of Otto Friedrich III, Fürst of Ysenburg and Büdingen in Wächtersbach and Felicitas Anna Eleonore Cecilie, Princess Reuss of Köstritz. Princess Alexandra married Prince Heinrich of Hannover, the marriage remained childless. Alexandra,  Princess of Hanover was the aunt of Queen Sofia of Spain and King Constantine II of Greece and therefore the great-aunt of King Felipe VI.  of Spain.

Article in the Journal Frankfurt

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Princess Alexandra of Hannover was a nice person.
She helped a lot of Young people to start their life.
Among these people is my daughter who is working in Frankfurt now.
Princess Alrxandra accepted her to Live in her House for some months last year until she managed to find a job and have her own appartment.
Although i never met Princess i have heart the best for her.
We owe a great thank you to Princess whose death made us very sad.
We hope that other people will continue the work that Princess done up till now.
With Honour
George Anagnostopoulos