25 March 2015

† Fürstin Marie Luise Reuß

Fürstin Marie Luise Reuß, née Princess zu Salm-Horstmar died on 12.03.2015 at Ernstbrunn in Austria. The lwidow of Fürst Heinrich IV from the Eastthuribngian House Reuss,  lived until her death on the Austrian family home in Ernst Brunn near Vienna. She was born on 18.08.1918 as Princess of Salm-Horstmar. In her youth she enjoyed artistic training and mainly painted horses. The marriage to Henry IV., Who died nearly 93 years in June 2012, took place in 1954. Her artistic career was Marie Luise after the birth of her four children, three daughters and the son of Heinrich XIV., Not continued. Your mission in life she saw to her death in receipt of castle and park Ernstbrunn.Her son Heinrich XIV. Since the death of his father, the head of the family of the former ruling Princely House of Reuss. He manages the family estates of the House of Reuss and also lives in Ernstbrunn. After the change, the family bought back and assets in Thuringia. It has agricultural and forestry among other establishments in Gera-Aga and Bad Lobenstein.

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