27 March 2015

† Fürstin Gunilla Fugger of Babenhausen

Mourning the popular Princess
Gunilla Fugger dies at the age of 95 years. As the young Swede once became the Swabian

She was what could be described as a man of the people in the best sense, a person with heart and courage. Her laughter was contagious and cheerful. Now it is silenced forever: Gunilla Princess Fugger died at the age of 95 years.In recent years, she lived  very retired, but she was once an important part of public life in Babenhausen - a place that has her become home.Her parents' house was in Sweden. Or rather, it was a palace called Sturefos, because when she was born as  Countess Bielke they belonged to one of the most prominent families of the Swedish Uradels. One of her foremothers who even Gunilla also called, was on the side of Johan III. 1585-1592 Queen of Sweden. To Babenhausen once they brought two very contradictory things, love and war.1938 traveled a young nobleman from Germany named Carl Friedrich Fugger-Babenhausen to the Far North and also visited Castle Sturefos, which was famous for its gardens. Instead of her father took the beautiful young Countess Gunilla the tour of the property. Four years later, in the midst of war, she married the man of Swabia.They moved first to Wellenburg, but after the bombing of Augsburg they turned 1944 into the rural Babenhausen. That was the market that proudly bears the name of the Fugger family, a blessing, because the not even 26 years old young princess proved when the war ended as a brave woman. She explained the castle ado to extraterritorial area and let the American invasion raise the flag of Ireland. The Irish embassy had avoided because of the chaos of war to Babenhausen into the castle. The landlady even held the will of fleeing SS officer stood, who demanded to obtain the flag again. He finally gave in small and made off. German troops as well as Americans respected the flag - and so the place were unnecessary hostilities, which had demanded in the surroundings, yet senseless victims and damage to buildings spared. Energetic prevented Princess Gunilla also that furniture was diverted from the castle for a casino or military generals pitched their headquarters here. "There has certainly helped me my nationality. My Swedish passport was accepted, "she once said in an interview with our newspaper.The jointly by experienced difficult time leaving the princess in her new home grow together with the people in the village. "I have a certain amount of gratitude to the people," she once said, "especially in difficult times she was loyal to me."With her five children - four sons and a daughter - she was happy in Babenhauser castle. The people in the market, she came close in many ways, at parties or just shopping. The Princely House also laid emphasis on ensuring that the youth attended the local kindergarten and the first school years spent in the Babenhauser elementary school, which contacts between the Fugger family and population deepened.The Fürstin  became involved with the Red Cross, as well as at Caritas. She was never too good to visit sick fellow human beings in the clinic and grant them courage or solace. Fürstin Gunilla sat in the parish and was communion assistant. For many years she  belonged to the noble lady to like guests at the events seen in the market. For a long time she acted as patron at the then popular hiking days.Special joy she had in classical music, especially when it was written by Mozart. Early on, she opened the ancestral hall for the Liedertafel. Since then the club can perform its castle concert there every year. Festive and very personal, the choir because even the solemn concerts to the birthdays of his patroness.After the death of Fürst Friedrich Carl Fugger in 1979 she received her widow's seat in the so-called "small Schlossle" at the edge of the castle park, surrounded by roses, exotic trees and Brunnengeplätscher. There she enjoyed her retirement, she, as she confessed, "wanted to spend anywhere other than in Babenhausen".Fürstin Gunilla Fugger was appreciated and respected. The market loses her a popular, great personality. The people who knew them, they will always be remembered.

According a death announcment in the Augsburger Allgemeine she died on 25.03.2015 at Babenhausen.

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