12 March 2015

† Fürst Carl zu Wied

Fürst Carl zu Wied died unexpected at the Age of 53. he ws brought yesterday to the Martienhosptial St. Elisabeth where he deid in the early morning. Most likely the cause of death is a Heart attack.
The bandwidth of the action of the Fürst was very large. He was involved in nature conservation and environmental organizations. Since 2000 he was chairman of the Natural Park Rhein-Westerwald. As a district master hunter, he was active.
More recently, Prince Carl was elected to Wied for speakers of all Rhineland-Palatinate Nature Parks. In addition, he held other functions.
 The Neuwieder Mayor Nicholas Roth was shocked when receiving the news of his death. "We have lost a great friend and supporter," was his first reaction.

Fürst Carl was married to Pricness Isabelle zu Wied. They had thee children. Maximilian who will now became the new Fürst zu Wied, Friedrich and Luise.

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