08 February 2015

Scharnhausen Castle

In 1784 Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg and his second wife Franziska of Hohenheim build a ittle Castle in Scharnhausen.  It was build in a small English Garden. In hilly, partly wooded grounds puppettribunals a landscape with winding paths and romantic waterways. Since it was out of the temple, a "beef cottage", a grotto, a "moss cottage" and a fountain whose water flowed from an old oak tree. The Höfel stream fed two picturesque ponds with walk island. Even an artificial ruin the Duke had built, inside which a billiard hall was decorated. Inspired were castle and landscape garden from the Wörlitzer Park near Dessau.
Two of these buildings have been preserved: one is the so-called Amor Temple, Carl Eugen was supposedly built for his mistress Franziska von Hohenheim. It is a small white round
temple (monopteros) resting on 12 plain columns; a pine cone as an ancient fertility symbol adorns the Roof. The location of the small temple was initially located further down on the other side of the small castle in the area of today's stables. 1822 it was canceled in view of the expanding stud operation there and rebuilt at its present Location by King Wilhelm I.  In accordance with its twelve Ionic columns of Amortempel was umpflanzt with twelve chestnut trees.
The Castle still belongs to the House of Württemberg and is rented out today.


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