29 January 2015

Count Otto zu Castell-Rüdenhausen now offical Fürst

On 30.10.2014 Fürst Johann Friedrich zu Castell-Rüdenhausen died and his oldest son hereditary Count Otto succeeded him as new Fürst and Head of the Princely House. Late December he officially requested to Change his surname (there are nio Titles in Germany anymore as there where abolished in 1919 and became part of the surname) from Count to Fürst.
Usually this is not permitted as the name law of the democratic state law does not recognize the  right of primogenitur.  However, it knows the name change by the same law. The requirements are strict, says the law, generally must be an important reason. The law speaks of "inconveniences in individual cases." In this section, maybe you think of names like Pink Panties or buffoon, but not a "Count" or "Hereditary Count " as part of their Name.
In Bavaria, however, there is an agreement between Minister opf the Interiour  Joachim Herrmann (CSU) and the Association of German lords. The states that Primogeniturnames "in the cases of the generation change in the heads of families unable beautiful" without hesitation by name change be allowed (eg by Count Prince) at eleven unable magnificent homes in Bavaria. Sets the Ministry the right of the nobility on the Constitution of the democratic rule of law? In previous demand the editors received no response to the Home Office.
At th end of 2013, a case in Kreuzwertheim (distr. Main-Spessart) had caused quite a stir, and the BR-magazine "transverse" reported at the time. The resident "royal couple" were the names of ingredients "prince" and "princess" was too insignificant, 2010, there was a change of name to "Fürst" and "Fürstin" requested. Responsible, law-abiding officials in the district office Main-Spessart stubbornly refused to consummate the "factual presentation of the predicates" having regard to the paragraph and the previous practice.
Finally, the
government of Lower Franconia enforced by transfer from above the "Fürstwerdung". The important reason lies in the fact that it related to an important for Lower Franconia noble family which have shaped the region and further stamping. The argument has been criticized in a report as "highly doubtful" the lawyer Dr. Hofmann Höppel. That noble families, the former dominion helped shape much, it follows from the nature of things. This could be a major reason for the name Change.
Also, the District Office Kitzingen is now arguing that the reason for the name change lies in the centuries of cultural, religious and economic embossed Lower Franconia by the Princely House Castell-Rüdenhausen. In agreement with the government to change the name in addition to no. 47 of the "General Administrative Regulation on the law relating to the modification of family name and first name" (NamÄndVwV) is supported. After the procedure name changes in the acquisition of a business or a farm by the new owner are possible.

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