22 September 2014

A noble Wedding in Kirchlauter

At  Kirchlauter Maria Nina Schenk, Countess of  Stauffenberg and Count Franz of Westerholt and Gysenberg tied  the knot the last Weekend. . The 32-year-old bride is the granddaughter of Hitler assassin Claus Schenk Count of Stauffenberg.
The Castle of Kirchlauter, also called the Guttenberg'sche water castle, is the center of the village in the "Holy countries". On the weekend this was true all the more, because gentlemen of noble families found themselves there, as the granddaughter of Hitler assassin Claus Schenk Count of Stauffenberg, Maria Nina Schenk Countess of Stauffenberg, and Count Franz of  Westerholt and Gysenberg gave their Yes Word there.  For the population and many guests it was an event that they did not want to miss. Observers and locals were talking about the wedding of the year, and even from the wedding of the decade.
It was not the first wedding, the parents lined up the Franz Ludwig Schenk Count of  Stauffenberg and his wife Elisabeth Schenk Countess of  Stauffenberg in Kirchlauter Castle. With Caspar, Charles, Sophia and Nina they have four children, of whom the three eldest are married.
Maria Nina Schenk Countess of 
Stauffenberg is 32 years, the youngest daughter of Count von Stauffenberg family. She is a trained midwife and working in her profession in Lichtenfels. They will do so in the future. But it remains Countess because she married befitting. Her husband Count Franz oon Westerholt and Gysenberg comes from the famous Westphalian Counts Westerholt, which has long had their family seat near Warendorf. The eldest son of the family is a skilled and has the Franconian area around Würzburg to do freelancing a lot with agriculture and forest. This is the reason that the young Count couple wants to remain in the county and their house in the 130 inhabitants Eckartshausen  will apply.
Bride-grandfather was Hitler assassin. The most prominent representatives of the Stauffenberg family is the grandfather of the bride, Claus Schenk Count of  Stauffenberg. He committed on 20.07.1944 the assassination of dictator Adolf Hitler. It failed, and Stauffenberg was executed a few hours later. Claus Schenk Count of   Stauffenberg is considered the symbol of the other Germany. His name stands for those who have done something against the brutal and inhuman Nazi regime. The bride's grandmother Nina Schenk Countess of Stauffenberg, wife of Hitler assassin has that same granddaughter Nina can still enjoy many years. She lived in Bamberg grove area in the house her Family of Lerchenfeld  as valued fellow citizen. It was only when she was in worse health, she moved to her son into the Castle Kirchlauter. She died on 01.04.2006 at the age of 92 and was buried in KirchlauterOn the grave stone and her husband is thought, for which there was no proper grave. His ashes were scattered in the Nazis leave Berlin.
The bride's father Franz Ludwig Schenkf, Count of Stauffenberg is the third son of Claus Schenk Count of  Stauffenberg. He made himself a name as a CSU politician. From 1972 to 1984 he was in parliament and from 1984 to 1992 in the European Parliament, before he was represented by Bodenverwertungs- and soil management GmbH of forests in the new federal states. He had experienced as a six year old boy his father's death. After the family had been taken into custody, he was shipped as a child of the Stauffenberg family under the name "Master" to the orphanage Bad Sachsa. Later, he was reunited with his mother.
When his "political mentor" applies Karl Theodor Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg, who also CSU politician and from 1967 to 1969 even Parliamentary Secretary in the Federal Chancellery
In 1965 Stauffenberg married Baroness Elisabeth von und zu Guttenberg, married the daughter of a politician. And here we come full circle, why today the Stauffenberg castle are the owner of Kirchlauter. Once owned the property namely Messrs von Guttenberg and until 1981 it inherited Elisabeth Schenk Countess of Stauffenberg, who is a born of Guttenberg.
"I remember exactly how the Count-couple is officially appeared on 15.08.1985 in our place as a new owner," says the church Kaiserslautern former mayor Peter Kirchner. "Kirchlauter may be his God grateful that the Stauffenberg came. That was a blessing for our village!" From this point it was namely gone to the lock up again. The Count started with the whitewashing of the rooms, pulled new walls and even removed old bullet holes from the war, he portrays.
The former mayor Peter Kirchner looks back with pride that the other three children were married in his tenure in Kirchlauter. And also he was able to witness this wedding as the guest of honor, though no longer as registrar. He remembers very closely to the "girl Nina". Kirchner: "I got to know at the age of two to three years ago when she was on a trip with her ​​father to me by the community here."
The "gentlemen" as they are often called by older Kirchlauterern, lived in the earlier years withdrawn somewhat in place. Mother of the Bride Elisabeth Schenk Countess of 
Stauffenberg was particularly involved in the Order of Malta, in which she was even superior general. Long she worked as a lecturer in the field of social care training of Malteser. In addition, she was responsible for seriously ill for many pilgrimages to Lourdes and was co-founder of the "soup kitchen" Godmother of charity for impoverished, homeless pensioners and disabled people in St. Petersburg. Countess Elizabeth was active in the parish, and her husband is still active in the church administration of Kirchlauter.
Former mayor Kirchner gets to the point when he says: "Even though they were not always so present in the community, they are in the white sausage meal of the parish on August 15 always and for other special occasions while in use but they are on. definitely Pfundsleut '. And I may even visit with groups the estate with castle park, when I inform the owner before. "
Civil ceremony, the marriage ceremony the Mayor of Breitbrunn, Gertrud Buhl, completed in Oscar Kandler center in Kirchlauter. The festivities were in the courtyard of Kirchlauter a cozy (Ball) evening and the market hall of Rentweinsdorf the traditional bridal soiree. It is called the stag party in the aristocratic societies.
The highlight was on Sunday the big wedding celebration at the family home of the bride. She started with the service in the parish church, which was celebrated by a priest of the family, with the assistance of the parish priest Kaiserslautern Martin Wissel. The local Church could not believe the many guests. The 76-year-old bride's father, Count Franz Ludwig von Stauffenberg who led his youngest daughter to the altar with obvious pride.
Worship accompanied musically originating from Kirchlauter soprano Martina Hümmer and Regional Kantor Matthias Göttemann at the organ. A visitor describes: "This was the most solemn church service, I was able to experience the songs were sung simply regal and festive like a queen..

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