29 June 2014

Hohenberg Crypt at Artstetten Castle

The Crpyt was build in the years 1909-1910. the direct reason for it was the deathbirth of a son of Ardcukde Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie of Hohenberg in the autumn 1908. The dsmall coffin had been placed  in an entrance room of the Castle Church at Artstetten.After the Crpyt was build the small coffin was buried in a small room opposed the small Chapel. After Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duhchess Sophie of Hohenbeerg where murdered at Sarajevo on 28.06.1914 they where buried at Artstetten on 04.07.1914. Already soon after the burial the Crpyt became an place of pilgrimate, Count Jaroslav of Thun and Hohenstein, the uncle and guardian of the3 children of the Couple, decided to give the place a more worthy impression.

The coffins of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este and Duchess Sophie of Hohenberg      

coffin of Ardchduke Franz Ferdinand
of Austria-Este (1863-1914)
coffin of Duchess Sophie of Hohenberg, née
Countess Chotek of Chotkowa and Wognin

After the younger son of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Sophie died in 1954 the Crypt was from 1955-56 enlarged under the Churchtower and the South-Terrace of the Castle. After it was finised he was reburied there. Later also his wife, his brother and his wife where buried there alon with some deceased grandchildren of the Archduke and the Duchess. 

The coffins of Duke Maximiliand and Duchess Elisabeth of Hohenberg

coffin of Duke Maximlian of Hohen-
berg (1902-1962)
coffin of Duchess Elisabeth of
Hohenberg, née Countess of Waldbug zu
Wolfegg and Waldsee (1904-1993)

coffins of fürst Ernst and Fürstin Marie Therese of Hohenberg   

coffin of Fürst Ernst of Hohen-
berg (1904-1954)
coffin of Fürst Marie Therese of
Hohenberg, née Wood (1910-1985)

Burial place of Duke Franz Ferdinand of Hohenberg (1927-1977)

Burial place of Fürst Johannes of Hohenberg (1933-2003)

Burial place of Fürst Franz Ferdinand of
Hohenberg (1937-1978)

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