29 June 2014

Artstetten Castle

The building who as first mentioned in 1263 belonged until the 15th Centhury to the Family von Aerendorf. After several changes of ownershiop it was in 1823 bought by Emperor Franz I. of Austria. From him it went to his oldest son Emperor Ferdinand I. and in 1852 it was acquired by his younger brother Archduke Franz Karl. Arcduke Franz Karl gifted in in 1861 to his younger son Archduke Karl Ludwig. Archduke Karl Ludwig sold the Caslte in 1866 to his older brother, Archduke Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico but after he assainated in Mexico it went back to him. On 01.04.1889n Archduke Karl Ludwig gave the Castle as a gift to his oldest son Archduke Franz Ferdinand the future Heir of the throne. Archduke Franz Ferdinand used the Castle only seldom only after tghe Crypt was buidl he got more Interest on the Castle. In 1913-14 the Castle was renovated and modernized. After Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his morgantic wife Duchess Sophie of Hohenberg where murdered at Sarajevo on 28.06.1914 the Castle went to their oldest son Max. He used it as his main residence. After the connection to Germany in 1938 Duke Maximilian of Hohenberg was expropriated and deported with his brother Fürst Ernst as one of the first austrian's in the Dachau concentration camp. The dispossessed family posession went after the time of National Socialism to the Republic of Austria. In 1949 the Republic of Austria restituted the Castle back to Duke Maximilian. After his death in 1962 the Castle was inherited by his oldest son Duke Franz Ferdinand. After Duke Franz Ferdinand's death the Castle was inherited by his widow Duchess Elisabeth, née Princess of Luxembourg who in 1983 gave it to her oldest daughter Fürstin Anita of Hohenberg. Fürstin Anita and her first husband the french Comte Romee de La Poeze d'Harambure renovated the Castle and opened an Franz-Ferdinand Museum in some roomes of the Castle.After it became soon an huge sucees it was later expanded. Since 2003 the Castle and it posessions belong to the "Anita-Hohenberg-foundation".




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