18 November 2013

† Fürstin Sylvia zu Bentheim and Steinfurt

Fürstin Sylvia zu Bentheim and Steinfurt died at the age of 83 in the night to Saturday 16. November 2013. Since over 60 years she was married to Fürst Christian zu Bentheim and Steinfurt. Three years ago the couple celebrated their Diamond Wedding
On 16 May 1930 she was born as Countes Sylvia of Pückler, Baroness of Groditz at  Burkersdorf in Silesia . The family lived at Gröditzberg Castle  . When World War II began , the father was transferred to Berlin. The family moved to a city apartment. When was the Berlin house destroyed by bombs in 1943 , they went back to the Silesian homeland. And here the in the beginning of 1945 , Russian troops were advancing , the family fled with their four children . Only about one escaped during the train journey to the bombing of Dresden .The Pücklers came under at Arolsen Castle by distant relatives of Fürst Christian's grandmother  After finishing school Countess Sylvia traveled to Sweden with two aunts . She then worked for one year as an au pair girl in an English household . On the way back they stopped off in Steinfurt . Her future husband has picked them up at the train station in Rheine . That was 1949.In August 1950, a fairytale wedding was celebrated on the Steinfurter castle . Their apartment got the young couple on the first Bentheim Castle . Only in 1961 , after the death of Fürst Victor Adolf , the  moved to Burgsteinfurt. With the education of her two adopted daughters , Caroline and Alexa as well as the ceremonial duties of the everyday life of the Fürstin was completed . Sporty woman as she also loved a long time to ride , the sport of tennis and skiing in winter .The funeral service for Fürstin Sylvia zu Bentheim and Steinfurt will  take place on Tuesday 26 November 2013 at 11h00 clock in the Great Church. Afterwards the burial in the family cemetery in Bagno .

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