27 October 2013

St Emmeram Castle Regensburg

Recently i spend a few days in Regensburg where i of course visited St. Emmeram Castle the Residence of the Princely Family of Thurn and Taxis. It goes back on the Monastery St. Emmeram which was founded in the year 739. After the Säkularisation in 1803  the monastery went into the ownership of the City of Regensburg. In 1810 the Castle was bought by the Princely Family of Thurn and Taxis who made it their Main Residence. In the 19th Century it was rebuild in an Princely Castle. In the End of the 19th Century the South Wing was build. All in all Castle has 500 rooms and 14 staircases and belong to on the biggest Castles in Europe where still People life.
Of course it can also be visited and Tour one sees among others the Wintergarden, the big Ballroom, the Silver Salon, the yellow Salon, the green Salon who was used as bedroom by Fürstin Therese and the private Castle Chapel where also the Princesses Maria Theresia and Elisabeth, the sisters of the present Fürst Albert where baptized. If one makes the big Tour it cointunues then in the cloister. In the middle of this cloister is the Crypt Chapel of the Princely Family which was build from 1835-1841. There is a small Chapel above and there through an iron Gate in the floor one can look in the Crypt where in 1990 the late Fürst Johannes was buried.
Opposide the Castle there are the former royal stables which  house now the Treasur. There are a among other artworks on Display  but also the coaches of the Family and Paintings and furniture and also the bridal gown of Fürstin Gloria.

The Soup Kitchen who was introduced by Fürst Albert I.

In the Inner Court of the Castle

A crown on top of one of the Castle Towers

A view from the Park

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Joan Bos said...

When we tried to visit it this summer, we were too late in the afternoon, it was already closed. We could walk a bit in the first courtyard, but it didn't look much there, so I decided to take a pic with my partner in front of the picture on the board before the palace, which looked better! The next day we had to leave for Vienna, so I couldn't visit.