23 September 2012

civil Wedding at Rüdenhausen

Photo and Copyright Gabi P.

On Saturday 22.09.2012 the civil Wedding of Prince Dominik zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and Countess Olga zu Castell-Rüdenhausen took place at the Townhall of Rüdenhausen. The bridal Couple alked the short distance from the CAstle to the Townhall where the short Ceremony started at 11h00 local time.

Photo and Copyright Gabi P.

 Present where also their parents Fürst Johann Friedrich and Fürstin Maria zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, and Fürst Alois-Konstantin and Fürstin Ansatasia zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. Also the grooms sister Christina von Rohr, née princess zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and some of the brides uncles. After the Ceremony they posed for the few onlookers before they wealked back to the Castle where a celebration with more guests took place.
The religious Ceremony will take place on 06.10. at Sintra, Portugal where the Family of the brides mother has an Estate.

Photo and Copyright Gabi P.

10 September 2012

Habsburg Wedding in Washington

Washington D.C saw a noble Wedding on 08.09.2012w when Archduke Imre of Austria married Kathleen Walker at the St. mary Mother of Good Church there. Archduke Imre is the oldest son of Archduke CArl Christian of Austria and his wife Archduchess marie Astrid, née Princess of Luxemburg.
The wellnkown royal author Marlene Koenig was at the Wedding and a report and pics of here can be found here:

more pics by tagblatt.lu

Wedding in the House Stolberg-Stolberg

A noble Wedding took place on Saturday 08.09.2012 at the St. Nikolaus Church at Bad Kreuznach when Countess Sophie of Plettenberg married Count Antonius zu Stolberg-Stolberg. The bride wore an 150 year old veil from Brussels lace which is an Family heirloom. The bridal coupld was married by Count Ulrich of Plettenberg, a cousin of the bride.
Before the noble Wedding scoiety could make their way to Namedy castle wher the reception and ball took place a few surprised watied for the bridal Couple. First the hunting horn blowers Bad Kreuznach played because "Sofie is a hunter" and then they married an trip in a open carraige which was drown by four black horses because riding is a hobby of both of them.
The couple had meet each other six years ago in Dresden where both studied. After the Wedding they will live in Munich

08 September 2012

Langenburg Castle


This week i visited Langenburg Castle which is the residence of Fürst Philipp and Fürsti n Saskia zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and ther 3 children.
The name Lanburg was first mentioned in 1225 as Langenberg. From1235 the old Castle was rebuild the 2 old round massiv towers are from that time. Between 1610 and 1616 Count Philipp Ernst the Castle was reconstructed as Princely Residence in the Renaissance Style. Especialla striking from this time is the Inner Court with its galleries, gables and stair towers . From 1657 - 1759 the Castle was again reconstructed this time in the somber Baroque style. In this time the 2 bridges which go overt the 2 depp channels to the Main entrance of the Castle where cionstructed. In the 19th and 20th Century the outside of the Caslte was largely mantained until a big fire in January 1963 where the East and North wing of the Castle  wings burned down to a big part. In the followings spring it was started to rebuild the Castle was begung and finished in  summer 1968. Today the Castle is the residence of Fürst Philipp zu Hohenlohe-Langenbrug and his wife Fürstin Saskia and their 3 children, Hereditary Prince Max Leopold, Prince Gustav and Princess Marita.
In another part of the Caslte a Museum was etablished and the rooms and also the Inner Court are open to Visitoris. Another Museum the "german Car Museum" was opned in 1970 in the former stables of the Castle.