13 May 2012

900 years House of Baden

The House of Baden celebrates this year it's 900 anniversary. On  27.04.1112 Margrave hermann was the first mentioned as Count of Baden
On 10.05.2012 SWR the local TV-Channel showed an interesting Documentary about the History of the House which can be watchd here (Don't know ho long the Link will be work).
A Day later the the Family invited to a Matinee at the Theatre at Baden-Baden. Among the guests who attended where.
Margrave Max and Margravine Valerie of Baden
Hereditary Prince Bernhard and Hereditary Princess  Stephanie of baden with ther 3 sons
Princess Caroline of Monaco
Prince Ernst Augst jr. of Hannover
Duke Carl of Württemberg
Fürst Karl Friedrich of Hohenzollern

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