23 November 2011

† Duchess Elisabeth of Hohenberg

Duchess Elisabeth of Hohenberg, Pée princess of Lxuemburg passed away on Tuesday 22. November2011 at the ageof 88. She was born on 22. December 1921 as the second childa nd oldest daughter of Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxemburg and her husbamd Pricne Felix, née Prince of Bourbon of Parma. In 1955 she married Duke Franz Ferdinand of Hohenberg,a grandson of Archduke Franz Feerdinand of Austria and his morgantaic wife Countess Sophie Chotek who was createdDuchess of Hohenberg. The coupke was killed in 1914 at Sarajevo.
Duke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess Elisabeth had 2 daughtersFürstin Anitaand Fürstin Sophie. After the death of her husband in 1977 the Duchess took her residence in her homecountry Luxemburg.
She will be buried at the Family Crypt at Artstetten Castle and later there will be also an memorial Service in the St. Michales Church in Luxemburg. 

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