13 November 2011

Castle Church Stuttgart


The Castle Church in Stuttgart was build from 1558-1562 by Alberlin Tretsch and was the first protestant Church in Württemberg. It lies in one Wing of the Alte Schloß and the entrance is in the Couirt of Arcades of the Castle.  According to protestant unterstanding the Altar and the  puilbit should be seen from all places and where placed as equal objects of Art. They where designed by Sem Schlör. After the catholic  line had come to Power in Württemberg they room wasn't used as Church anymore. From 12810 it ws used first as Library and later as the Court Pharmacy. In 1865 the Church was renovated in the newgothic stlye according to plans of the Architect Alexander Tritchler. There was also a Vault errected which is below the Church. The Church was reopend on 26.11.1854. In this Vault are buried King Karl I. and Queen Olga, née Grrand Duchess of Russia, their adopted daughter Duchess Vera, née Grand Duchess of Russia and her husband Duke Wilhelm Eugen and their little son, Duke Karl Eugen. 
Today the Church is used as preaching place of the protesant Stiftschurch parish. She is often used for Weddings. 

The Altar

The sarcophags of Duke Wilhelm Eugen and Duchess Vera

The sarcophags of King Karl I. and Queen Olga

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