21 June 2011

† Duke Carl of Croy

Carl, 14. Duke of Croy passed away on Tuesday 14, June at the age of 96. He was born on 11.08.1914 in Düsseldorf  as oldest son of Carl Rduolf, 13. Duke of Croy and his first wife the american Nancy Leishman. He spend his early childhood during the german Empire and later in the Republic of Weimar. He later also served as Soldier in the second World War and later studierd Jura in Switzerland. 
On 18.06.1953 he married at Nymphenburg Castle Princess Gabriele of Bavaria, one of the daughters of Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria and his second wife Antonia, née Princess of Luxemburg. Together they moved into House Merfeld near Dülmen where the Duke lived until his death. Together the had 3 children among them the new Duke Rudolf who ws born in 1955.
The funeral of Duke Carl will take place on 22.06.2011. 

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