25 October 2010

† Princess Irmingard of Bavaria

Princess  Irmingard of Bavaria passed away on Saturday 23.10.2010 at Leutstetten. The Princess was born on 29.05.1923 at Berchtsgaden as oldest daughter and second child of the last bavarian Crown Prince Rupprecht and his second wife Antonia, née Princess of Luxemburg. After her the couple got four more daughters. She spend her childhood in Berchtesgaden, Hohehenschwangau Castle and the Leuchtenberg Palais in Munich which where the homes of her parents. In 1940 she and her Family had to flly because of the National Sozialists. The princess lived the next 5 years near Florence. In 1944 first her mother and her sisters where arrested by the Gestapo and the Princess 2 months later.  There the Princess fell ill of Typhus. Only in February 1945 she was reunited with her Family when she was able to be transported to the KZ Flössenbürg. In 1950 Princess Irmingard married her first cousin Princess Ludwig of Bavria in a ceremony which took place at Nymphenburg Castle on 20.07.1950. They had one son prince Luitpold who runs one Bavaria's most successfull breweries Kaltenberg.
The Princess and her husband lived together at Leutstetten Castle outside of Munich. There Prince Ludwig passed away in October 2008 at the age of 95 and his widow followed him in death almost exactly 2 years later. The funeral will take place in private and a official Requiem is planned for 04. November at the Theatiner Church in Munich.

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