15 August 2008

Lichtenstein Castle

This is not the first Castle on this place. Orignally there as the Castle of the Knights of Lichtenstein and old noble Family who died out in the 17. Century. Some time in the City Wars the Lords of Lichtenstein came into disput with the City of Reutlingen which finally took over the Castle and destroyed it in 1377. Another Castle was the build some miles further by the Counts of Württemberg. Amiong others it was the place where Duke Ulrich flied to. The Castle beame more and more desolat. In 1837 Duke Wilhelm of Urach, Count of Württemberg bought it from his cousin, King Wilhelm I. of Württemberg. He build on it a neogothic Castle. The Inspiration for it he got from the Roman "Lichtenstein" from Wilhelm Hauff which he had read as a child. This Castle was build after the plans of the Architekt Heidloff from Nürnberg.

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