13 July 2008

Der Kaiser vom Bodensee

Yesterday i travelled to Konstanz where i visited the special Exhibitoon Napoleon III. - Der Kaiser vom Bodensee (Napoleon III. - The Emperor from Lake Constanze) at the Cultur Center near the M√ľnster at Konstanz. The second part of the Exhibition is at the Castle Arenenberg near Thurgau. The exhibition commerates the 200 anniversary of the birth of the Emperor who spend a big part of it's youth in this area and lasts from 20.04. - 19.10.2008.
Arenenberg Castle was bought in 1817 by the mother of the Emperor, Hortense, former Queen of Holland, Duchess of St. Leu and she lived there for most of the time until her death in 1837. Her son sold it in 1843 but in 1855 it was bought back by him and his wife. Empress Eugenie gave it in 1906 to the Kanton Thurgau with the obligation to open it for the public. Click here for a virtuell tour through the Castle.

Inside the exhibition it wasn't allowed to take photos so only some photos from outside. Unfortunately it rained quiet alot.

The Chapel of the Castle


janammann said...

Hi Stefan.......

Good report on a very beautiful place. A friend and I visited here a few years ago. And I can see by your pictures that it is still a very well maintained house/museum.

The view of Lake Konstanz is breathtaking. Thanks for bringing back my very special memories.


Stefan said...

Thanks for your comment. Unfortantely when i visited the sight was not very good as it rained the entire time. But it was very nice and interesting and i would recommend everyone to visit if one is in the area